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Hello! I like all kinds of stuff. That stuff mostly being video games, and art, and burly/hairy dudes. I may someday post my own art on here, but I'm probably lying. Which I also find it worth saying that no art posted to this blog is my art unless stated otherwise. Feel free to drop me an ask about anything or just to say hi and chat or whatever!
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The leyend of the blind dragon

this one is for redglare..

the image is made by me

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sunbreaksdown asked you:

I’d really love to see some Redglare — perhaps something along the lines of Redglare taking a quick break and having a nap against Pyralspite’s side while he’s snoozing in turn.

haha got lazy with the dragon but i hope you like it!



Welp I drew a bunch of other stuff for a thing earlier so I guess now it’s back to business as usual, because this is clearly all I do in my free time.


Oh oh oh, please.

And man, what I would do to see Summoner/GHB like this…

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