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Hello! I like all kinds of stuff. That stuff mostly being video games, and art, and burly/hairy dudes. I may someday post my own art on here, but I'm probably lying. Which I also find it worth saying that no art posted to this blog is my art unless stated otherwise. Feel free to drop me an ask about anything or just to say hi and chat or whatever!
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Illustration by 


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44/50 of my favourite John William Waterhouse art: 

Miranda (1875)
Miranda - The Tempest (1916)

Waterhouse painted versions of Shakespeare’s Miranda both at the beginning and end of his career. The second picture was exhibited at the Royal Academy in 1916, a year before Waterhouse’s death in 1917, and the first was considered lost for many years before being discovered in a private collection in Scotland in 2006.

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Gaming Posters by Vincent Roché


That which is best in me 




Dom & Sub is a body of illustrative work in digital media that attempts to humanize practitioners of BDSM and offer a representation of kinky sex that not only refutes negative stereotypes but informs the audience that sadomasochistic play is done best between happy, healthy, and consenting adults. I portrayed the couple in the work not only engaging in S&M play but also building a “scene” together and nurturing one another after the play has concluded; these are moments often left unconsidered or completely ignored in visual representations of S&M. I believe it’s important to see how kinky scenes are crafted with care, commitment to safety and enthusiastic consent in order to limit those times when sadomasochistic play is used to abuse or dehumanize other human beings. It is my hope that my audience will learn from the illustrations that sadomasochistic play is not always dark or scary, and that fellow ‘kinksters’ can enjoy tender representations of S&M that do not ridicule or pathologize them. I’ve designed the work to engage sadomasochistic imagery, material and theory with an ethical conscience.


cute cute cute! <3

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I just really like Ballerinas 


“I’m just the crazy slut, with a dead husband! Fuck you!”


“Their homeland was besieged for six years, but was invaded when the magisters used blood magic to sink the elves capital city of Arlathan into the ground, never to be seen again. As a result, elven survivors were enslaved and evidence of their culture were lost.”


My half of a trade with this amazingly talented lady right here

I really enjoyed drawing these two qts like you don’t understand


I really like avatar, but Korra is meh 
Her arms almost make it tolerable though I mean, dang girl

This is known as a lazy painting, in other words: look away